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Lash Extension Aftercare

  • Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours, this includes sweat and steam (outside humidity for long periods or saunas)
  • Avoid heated lash curlers and extreme heat (lighters, bonfires, heat while cooking, styling tools) as this can reduce the lash extension curl and singe the extensions.
  • Do not use oil based makeup removers, cleansers, or wipes. The oil will break down the bond of the lash extension glue causing premature shedding.
  • Do not use mascara with lash extensions, especially hybrid or fan lashes. Using mascara will coat the synthetic hair and create a clumping effect that will close the fans. Waterproof mascara is also to be avoided as it dries out the lashes and can pull out extensions during cleaning. 
  • Avoid cotton q tips, wipes, and cotton balls around lash extensions. The fibers can wrap around the lashes and pull them out prematurely. 
  • Do not pick or pull at extensions. If they are sticking together take a spoolie brush and lightly brush from the middle of the lash extension up. They can be brushed top and bottom.
  • If sleeping on your side, be careful to not sleep directly on your face, causing the lash extensions to push up and possibly come out prematurely. 
  • A foaming or gel cleanser is recommended for best results in makeup removal and lash retention. I recommend Glo skin and beauty's hydrating or purifying gel cleanser.
  • Please come to every appointment mascara and eye makeup free.
  • Take note when you loose an extension. If the hair bulb (small white dot) is attached to the lash extension, then your lashes have shed during their natural lash cycle and that is a healthy shed. If you see no hair attached, consider what products you are using  around your eyes or if you were not being as gentle around the eye area as the lashes require. You can naturally loose up to 6 natural lashes per day on each eye. If you loose more than that, or loose them in clumps, please contact me for a consultation.